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Island Doula Services

Birth Packages


Classic Package:


One free consultation with a doula avaliable for your due date. This does not obligate you to choose our doula services. This is a time for you to become acquainted and explore your labour and birth preferences.

  • Two prenatal visits. This is a time for us to go over your birth preferences and effective coping techniques. Your doula also wants to get to know you (and your partner) and learn how you can work together during labour and birth. These visits are tailored to you, if you are planning a hospital birth or a home birth your doula will guide you to a birth where you feel supported and encouraged.
  • On call 24/7 beginning two weeks before your due date and ending two weeks after your baby is born.
  • Labour support as soon as you need it. This includes effective non-medical support techniques including physical comfort measures and emotional support. It is always a doula’s goal to maintain a calm and peaceful birth environment. Doula’s are also experts at helping you get the information necessary to make informed decisions during labour
  • Your doula will remain with you once active labour has begun until one or two hours after your baby is born. During this time they can assist with breastfeeding and ensure you are comfortable and settled before they go home.
  • Your doula can take photographs through labour, birth and immediately after your baby is born if you request (non professional)
  • Make two postpartum visits within two weeks after the birth to review your birth experience, assist with breastfeeding and offer emotional support.

Cost: $1100  – Due in two installments, $550 before your first prenatal visit and $550 at 38 weeks pregnant.


Gold Package: 

As above but add:

  •  One more prenatal visit to learn more about birth and practice coping techniques.
  •  Use of a Tens Machine for pain relief.
  •  One more postpartum visit to help you settle in and adjust to life with your new baby.

 Cost: $1400  – Due in two installments, $700 before your first prenatal visit and $700 at 38 weeks pregnant. 

Birth Preparation:

  • Prenatal visit to discuss your birth plans, go over coping & comfort techniques & answer any questions you have.
  • Full access to all my community resources.
  • 50% discount on Tens Machine rental

Cost: $175  (2 hour session)


Postpartum Doula Package:

  • Email, text and phone support from when you have your baby (until 2 days after your last postpartum doula appointment)

  • During an appointment you’ll recieve:  Help with baby care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, breastfeeding support, time to speak about your birth experience, check in with how you are feeling and adjusting to your new baby and go over any concerns you have.
  • Access to many resources on baby care, breastfeeding and maternal health. 
  • Package is 12 hours total (in person) and can be broken up into multiple sessions over three weeks (3hour minimum). 

    Cost: $660

“If a Doula were a drug it would be unethical not to use it.” – Dr. John H. Kennell